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The Curious Cult




Develop a logo and brand identity system for a podcast interview show.


  • Logo design

  • Identity system design

  • Podcast graphic design



The branding proved to be a hit with the host, guests and listeners of the show.



Nic Haralambous is an obsessive entrepreneur who has built and successfully exited many businesses over the last twenty years. His work now focuses on helping people start something new.

In his Curious Cult podcast, he speaks to incredible people about their obsessive curiosity. Give it a listen wherever you get your podcasts.



Content is king in the podcast world, so Nic had thrown together a quick title card for his show himself, and got down to the business of interviewing people. The branding needed a little more love to give the show wrapping paper deserving of its content.



I needed to come up with a highly visible, instantly recognisable mark that spoke directly to the show's subject matter.



I developed a mark that felt like a logical evolution of the brand to the show's audience, enabling a seamless transition.

Identity system


While developing the logo for Nic's show, I sought to capture the myriad maze-like ways in which our minds seek out information and ask questions.

The mark was developed into a simple and easily recognisable icon that effectively captured the essence of the podcast.

TCC Billboard.jpg



The brand evolution proved popular with the host, guests and listeners of the show alike, and helped Nic grow his audience considerably.

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