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ECD Census 2021




Develop a brand identity system for a corporate-funded, government-led census of the early childhood development landscape in South Africa. 



  • Brand strategy

  • Identity system design

  • Signage design

  • Merchandise design

  • Social content creation



The identity system I created assisted greatly in raising awareness of the census, and over 42,000 programs were counted countrywide.



The Department of Basic Education commissioned the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Census 2021 to collect data on all ECD programmes in the country to better understand the ECD landscape of South Africa.

The ECD Census counted all registered and non-registered ECD programmes to build a data management information system for the ECD sector. Fieldworkers contracted by Ikapadata, a survey research company, made appointments to visit every South African ECD programme to conduct interviews  with the principal or relevant representative and record observations.




The project – a collaboration between the South African Government and the LEGO Foundation  – required a strong visual identity that could be used across all communication assets and lend credibility to it across all forms of communication. It was essential, however, that the aesthetic should still be playful and colourful. 



I sought to provide the census with a logo and branding system that felt both corporate and playful at the same time, able to be easily applied across multiple physical and digital touchpoints.



A combination of almost pastel primary colours, simple geometric shapes and a friendly sans-serif typeface formed the basis of a brand that was comfortable speaking to adults and children alike.

Identity system


At its essence, the ECD Census 2021 is about counting and being counted. The three key concepts I had to keep in mind in developing an identity system for the project were: children, counting and play.

With these key thoughts guiding me, I developed a geometric logo representing three children at play which – when combined with a friendly yet formal type treatment – hit the intended sweet spot between credible and playful.



The various shapes that make up the logo combined with those suggested in its negative spaces to create a dynamic brand identity system that could be applied across all the print collateral, digital touchpoints and physical garments required by the program.



The public and stakeholders were encouraged to take action and kept informed about the progress of the census through a constant stream of media content, both social and traditional.