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Safari Story




Develop a logo and brand identity system for an online eco-tourism platform that provides a direct link between lodges, guides and safari enthusiasts.



  • Brand strategy

  • Identity system design

  • Merchandise design

  • Social content creation



I delivered a brand that is easily adaptable – and instantly recognisable – across multiple touch-points, from the physical to the digital.



Safari Story is a digital platform where game reserves, safari lodges, field guides and tour operators create lasting connections with guests and nature enthusiasts while giving back to local communities and environmental non-profit organisations.

Safari Story Logo Animation SQUARE.gif



The Safari Story team were struggling to pin down exactly what was needed in terms of their logo and branding. They were caught in a spiral of uncertainty, and approached me with a moodboard of examples that felt dated and unoriginal, in stark contrast with their innovative digital platform.



I sought to marry the ecological, digital and story-telling elements at the heart of Safari Story's endeavour with an instantly recognisable and infinitely applicable brand mark.



I produced a bold, friendly and original logo and identity system robust enough for any physical applications, yet simple and iconic enough to be instantly recognised at the tiniest of digital sizes.

Identity system


In developing the Safari Story logo, I drew inspiration from a child’s wooden toys. The mark represents the head of an elephant facing to the right and that of a rhino to the left.

The shape of the animals’ heads further suggests speech bubbles which represent the stories being shared by the community on the platform. Note also how the negative space between the elephant and the rhino suggests the letter ‘S’ for Safari Story.


It is simple, bold, tech-friendly (and just plain old friendly), easily scalable, and iconic.

Safari Story Design Process.gif