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Jackal Rugby




Develop a personal brand identity system for a lawyer changing his career to find success as a rugby analyst.



  • Identity system design

  • Copywriting

  • Stationery design

  • Merchandise design



The client was completely overjoyed with the final product, and his new career path is now well on track.



Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love sports. I've never been much to shout about on any playing field, but I'm obsessed nonetheless. So when Allan Schulz approached me to help develop his brand for Jackal Rugby, I couldn't say no.


Having built a successful career as an attorney, he'd lost his appetite for the boardroom, and decided to pivot back to his first love, rugby, to pursue a new career path as an analyst, writer and agent. I was only too happy to help him develop his brand. 




Rugby, as the saying goes, is a hooligans' sport played by gentlemen. There could be no finer example of this than Allan Schulz: a perfect gentleman in day-to-day life, and a total animal when playing (or watching) the game. When he told me he wanted to become a rugby writer, analyst and player agent after so many years as an attorney, I couldn't have been happier for him. It was on-brand. That he chose me to help him build his brand identity for this new venture was a privilege I didn't take lightly.

In rugby terminology, to "jackal" is to steal the ball from the opposition in a tackle situation. Allan, in his playing days, was an expert in this dark art. It was only natural that he chose this name for his new venture.



We wanted to build a brand identity system that felt sporty, professional and personal at the same time. A further bonus would be if it could offer potential merchandising opportunities to help supplement income and build brand affinity.



I designed a sporty jackal icon, with rugby balls making up his inner ears and the mark on his chest, combined with the blue and white of Allan's beloved Western Province and a strong sans-serif type treatment.

Identity system


We created multiple alternative logo lock-ups and badges to increase merchandising opportunities, and a blue- and white-striped pattern to pay homage to Allan's team of choice.

The elements of the brand asset pack all come to play in the various stationery items and assessment forms 
I designed for Allan, as shown in the examples below.

Online presence


The logo was designed to be modular and scalable, suitable for usage from tiny profile photos to giant billboards.

Combining the logo and jackal icon with dramatic rugby photography, treated with blue overlays, and a catchy bit of copy ("Fetching the good stuff"), the overall effect captures exactly what Jackal Rugby is all about.

Go get it, boy!

Jackal Online.jpg