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Adagio VR




Develop – in double-quick time –  a brand identity for a mental wellness company that utilises virtual reality solutions to achieve true psychological healing.



  • Brand strategy

  • Logo design

  • Identity system design

  • Exhibition stand design

  • Presentation design



The brand was well received by wellbeing experts during its launch at the Watercooler Wellness Event, held in London in May 2022.



Sometimes the pressure of a tight deadline helps us produce work we can be proud of. There's no time for second-guessing, and we have to trust our instincts. This was the case when Sanya from Adagio VR contacted me with a brief to rethink her startup's branding. Two days before their launch at a wellness conference in London. Sanya and her team were dream clients, helping expedite a rapid-fire discovery session which furnished me with all the details I needed to come up with a brand direction we're all very proud of.




Adagio VR's virtual reality program integrates clinically utilised therapeutic techniques that break and change the relationships between memories and emotions, offering immediate relief and systematic transformation of mental health. 


Users embark on a journey to identify and overcome various emotional burdens which become barriers to wellbeing, while also enabling the creation of positive emotional triggers for high performance, increased productivity, and happiness.



Having only two days to play with, our goal was to produce a clear, concise and bold brand identity system, while steering clear of the urge to shoehorn too many ideas into one logo. We allowed the calming colour scheme and image treatments to do a lot of work for us.



"Adagio", in musical terms, means slowing down, which is exactly what Adagio VR enables people to do. The name does a lot of heavy lifting in branding terms, so I combined the visual of a virtual reality headset with bespoke typography to create a bold and memorable brand mark. 

Identity system


The wordmark contains two hidden virtual reality headsets – the first is a side view incorporated in the "A", and the second is a front view in the loop of the "g". The futuristic yet friendly feel of the type treatment hit the sweet spot in terms of the band tone we were trying to portray.

Alternate lockups, colourways and icons were developed to allow for versatile branding applications across all physical and digital touchpoints. Serene imagery and a calming blue colour palette add the finishing touches to the Adagio brand identity system.

Exhibition stand


With Adagio set to launch their new brand at the Watercooler Wellness convention in London a couple of days after first contact, I had to whip up an exhibition stand design for them to showcase their product to the wellness community.

The design incorporated the various brand assets into a stand that had heads turning, allowing for a successful introduction of the brand to the attendees.

Adagio Exhibition Stand.jpg



In addition to the exhibition stand design, I also designed some branded items for the launch. Caps, t-shirts and wellness journals adorned with the Adagio logo lockups and colours were worn by the Adagio team and dished out to attendees.