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Proverbs Investments




Develop a brand identity system for an investments holding company, keeping in mind the religious beliefs of the founder.


  • Brand Strategy

  • Identity system design

  • Copywriting

  • Merchandise design



The client loved the creative execution, and is looking to activate it once settled in after emigrating to New Zealand.



Rhys, the founder of Proverbs Investments, is a devoted Christian and action-man, most often found out in nature competing in some sort of extreme sports endurance endeavour that would scare the living daylights out of even the bravest of us.


He often uses his participation in these events to raise funds for various charities, and is always looking for ways to give back to his community. He sees Proverbs as his chance to help in a more meaningful way.




Proverbs sought to position themselves as an investment holdings and private equity company, offering financial support to smaller businesses to help them get off the ground. As a result, they wanted their identity to be bold and powerful, while conveying their values of wisdom, prosperity, perseverance and integrity, combined with their Christian principles.



We sought to create an identity system that felt established and fresh at the same time, while retaining the Christian principles at the core of Proverbs' offering.


Combining the symbols of an owl and a Christian cross merged Proverbs' values and principles into a harmonious whole. Bold slab-and sans-serif typefaces added a sense of strength and austerity.

Identity system


With the owl and cross icon as the centrepiece of the brand, alternate lock-ups and colour-ways were designed in the royal blue and cloud white colour palette.

A simple step-and-repeat of the icon created a striking brand pattern, creating a total identity system suitable for application across multiple branding formats.

The use of the owl as a brand mascot enabled dramatic yet classy applications to various stationery items,
as illustrated below.

Online presence


The owl mascot once again takes centre stage in Proverbs' online offering, creating a bold yet sophisticated presence.

The icon is simple and strong enough for usage across all platforms and devices.

Proverbs Online.jpg