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Forging fiercely on into 2024

Be as ferocious as these three in the new year.

2023 was a year without a line cast, as I faced my toughest year in business since going solo back in 2020.

It wasn't without its successes though, as I forged new client partnerships, slowly nurtured old ones, and – most importantly – moved in with my loving and supportive partner, Bridget, and her son, Corey. I wouldn't be sitting here typing this if it wasn't for the two of you. You give me reason, and I can never thank either of you enough.

Looking forward to 2024, I can tell you that I'll be tackling it as ferociously as a tigerfish (or catfish, or largemouth yellowfish), and I hope you all will too.

Draw inspiration from my 2024 "Africa's Fiercest Fishes" desktop calendar series, and show the new year who's boss!

Download the files here:

May your 2023 end in fiercely festive fashion!

Stay cool.


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