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Develop – and act as brand custodian for – a brave, bold and adaptive brand identity system for a female-owned startup in the incredibly fast-paced MarTech space.



  • Brand strategy

  • Identity system design

  • Copywriting

  • Brand custodianship

  • Merchandise design

  • Social content creation



The brand is gaining followers and traction, and is now entering the funding phase, having successfully graduated from the prestigious Founders Institute accelerator program.



Briefmapp provides collaborative briefing software for creatives in the gig economy. Their software can help you capture a creative brief in under 10 minutes, and get everyone on the same page to formulate the “plan before the plan”.

Their solution builds cohesion for an often messy and unproductive business process, and they aim to provide digital tools and technology for people working anywhere to help them deliver creative products and solutions everywhere.




Briefmapp's digital briefing tools help creatives and their clients organise their ideas, while nurturing their creativity. Their digital productivity tool is aimed at people who take and give briefs daily: creatives, agencies and their clients.


The software aims to service the $350-billion global advertising industry which shapes the global media/consumer landscape, and for the trailblazing emerging freelance economy, worth $4-trillion globally.


Their target markets include freelancers, agencies and their clients in the USA, the UK, and EMEA, as well as digital nomads working solo or in teams.



My aim in the development of this brand identity system was to produce an asset pack as bold, brave, diverse and fun as the brains behind Briefmapp, and the larger industry the software seeks to serve.



I developed a total brand system including logos, iconography, typography, patterns, photography treatments and mascots, all infused with the energy that defines Briefmapp and its desired clients.

Identity system


Combining the letter 'B' for Briefmapp with a location marker and a heart shape, the logo evokes the ideas of creative love and organisation. Designed to be recognisable at even the tiniest of sizes, it is simple, iconic and highly adaptable, and stands for a world in which creativity is organised, but not lost.

A vibrant colour palette further emphasises the fun side of the brand and its clients, combining with a strong typeface and simple geometric shapes to produce an identity system comfortable in its own playfulness.

Briefmapp Brand Asset Animation.gif

Digital presence

The versatility of Briefmapp's colour palette, photography, typography and brand asset pack allow the brand to express itself in a variety of ways across the digital realm, from social media channels to the company website and the currently under development application. The result is a bold, brief, vibrant and concise user experience across all touchpoints.



The adaptability of the brand provides opportunities for bold applications across multiple corporate gifting and apparel items, allowing both employees and clients to wear Briefmapp's heart on their sleeves.